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Visiting the immersive “Beyond Van Gogh”

  • keltzster 

I cry every time I’m in the presence of paintings by the Impressionists, so it’s no wonder I spent the entire time I experienced the immersive “Beyond Van Gogh” in tears. Not only are the viewers surrounded by paintings, as they stand within the paintings, but they are also surrounded by his words, spoken from every direction.  Such beautiful, hopeful words! The paintings come to life are projected on the walls, the floor, and large obelisks situated about the room. Circles of paint twirl, birds fly, rivers flow, eyes blink, and almond blossoms blow about in the wind. Sketches turn into full-blown paintings, some of them new to me, but all engaging. At one point, the viewer sees a Van Gogh self-portrait everywhere one looks. I had not seen some of these and never this many, all in one place. Every person standing in the room was mesmerized, enthralled with every change of the projections. To see his paintings, one begins to see love and joy in nature, and understand why we are happy when outdoors, in nature. Not every painter’s work could be shown in this manner, but Van Gogh’s work has always been alive and flowing. It moves in our mind and it moves our hearts. To be encapsulated thusly is to be in a bit of Heaven.