More Cool Stuff About Ants

Sally Jo's fire ants and anthillsOK, Remember when Eddo and I were walking upside down on our hands? (Entry Seven, in case you forgot!) I said, “Do you ever wonder about ants’ brains? People say their brains are so tiny, they can’t think, but I’m not sure I agree. They seem smart to me because I’ve watched them solve problems, like when I put a bunch of debris in the path where a lot of them are marching and they figure out how to go around. I know their brains are tiny but what if their brains are like computer chips with tons of memory so really they are just as smart as we are?” (I say some other good things in that chapter so you should really read it.)

Anyway, if you watch the video above, you will discover what ants’ homes under the ground look like. I think you will be astounded. The very bottom room of their house is for storage. I wonder if it’s as messy inside as our garage?