Make A Fool Of Yourself In Public


No one ever had to tell me to do this. No one had to encourage me to just let go. Believe me, it happens enough on its own. The time I dragged a strand of toilet paper out of my waistband all the way down the bleachers from top to bottom at a football game comes to mind.

Sometimes joy overtakes me, and especially when I hear a good song, which makes me want to dance and sing like I’m in a show on Broadway or in a 1930’s feel-good-even-if-it’s-the-Great-Depression movie. I hear that song and I’m dancing and singing down the canned soup aisle, the pasta and sauce aisle, or amongst the vegetables. I don’t care who sees or hears because I’m only here once, right? I’m going to grab it while I can. It’s even better when my sisters are with me and we’re the whole damn Broadway chorus line.

Yes, I’ve fallen flat on my rear in the ice like a clumsy penguin, flopping around and sliding whilst I try to stand again and so what if there’s a crowd watching? Once I’m up, I just laugh and bow like I meant it and like I expect applause. That’s fun, too, as long as I’m still intact.

Really, we all need to take advantage of every moment when we can find the fun in our existence. It all goes so much better for us when we do, even and especially, the crappy times. 

Besides, you know in Shakespeare’s plays, anyway, the fool is always the one who knows it all and who can say the truth without retribution.

When I audition for a part, I choose to play the fool every time!

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