You may have noticed I have not posted anything new for a long, long time. Here’s my apology.
Since February 16th, the date of my husband’s heart attack, I have been caught up in a maelstrom of unfortunate circumstances.
First, the heart attack. Then the oven control unit zapped me across the room and melted itself. As of today, the part is still not repaired. (Never buy a Frigidaire.) Next, our friend Chuck died of an infection, overnight. My father, who is on oxygen, spent two nights in ICU, passing a gallstone while suffering from pneumonia. My friend Georga had a stroke. Our beloved cat, Cher, died last Friday.
I have become my own Charybdis, a zombie-like maenad. In this state, I have not been able to write.
In other words, I’m in shock, sitting in the midst of a shitstorm that appears to be never-ending.
My head is full of things I want and need to say but just as I get prepared, enjoying a quiet moment with my fingers poised over the keyboards, something else happens. I’ve had trouble focusing, feeling like Karen of the Dead.
I have squeezed this much out tonight in a brief moment of rally but who knows what tomorrow will bring? We are going to have to make do for awhile, you and I, with these brief, rallying moments. They may be all I get for some time.

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