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Collaborating with Mr. Hollywood on TV pilot proposal and new screenplay idea.

I Remember When…

Today, the first day of Fall, Sally Jo showed Ms. Harrington’s second grade class how to “show” in their writing. Then they each wrote their own ” I Remember When” entry.

Sally Jo goes for a visit!

Hi, Everyone! I am going to be in Ms. Harrington’s second grade class at South Prairie School in Tillamook tomorrow, September 23rd. We are going to talk about my journal (of course!) and the personal narrative form. That makes sense because a journal is nothing more than a whole book full of personal narrative! I hope you are enjoying your new school year! Hooray for the sixth grade! It’s a learning year, for sure.

Look out, 4th graders!

Sally Jo is going to Nancy Ryles Elementary School in Beaverton next Wednesday! Get your journals ready! Our topic will be, “I Used To Think…” What did YOU used to think when you were young that you discovered to be wrong when you got older?




I wrote this poem in class for Halloween. It’s a concrete poem–that means the words form the shape of what I’m writing about. Since the poem is about a pumpkin, I added eyes, a nose and a mouth.

Here’s my assignment for YOUR journal: write a concrete poem about your favorite topic.

More assignments: Tell what you like about the fall season. Describe your favorite Halloween costume.

Have fun!
Sally Jo


More cool stuff about ants!

More cool stuff about ants!

Remember when Eddo and I were walking upside down on our hands? (Entry Seven, in case you forgot!) I said, “Do you ever wonder about ants’ brains? People say their brains are so tiny, they can’t think, but I’m not sure I agree. They seem smart to me because I’ve watched them solve problems, like when I put a bunch of debris in the path where a lot of them are marching and they figure out how to go around. I know their brains are tiny but what if their brains are like computer chips with tons of memory so really they are just as smart as we are?” (I say some other good things in that chapter so you should really read it.)

Anyway, if you go to where the link takes you, you will discover what ants’ homes under the ground look like. I think you will be astounded. The very bottom room of their house is for storage. I wonder if it’s as messy inside as our garage?

My book is now in print! Love, Sally Jo

The paperback edition of Sally Jo Survives Sixth Grade: A Journal is now available on Amazon!


Grown-ups are reading my journal!  I think I know why.  They want to see if my sixth grade was anything like their sixth grade.  I’ll bet it was.  Well, maybe not EVERYTHING.  Their mother might not have dated their teacher, and they didn’t have Melvin Porter trying to kiss them all the time.  Ick!  But probably they had to think about how people treat other people, how we get accused of stuff we didn’t do, or how we wish we would have not done something because of how it turned out. They might have solved mysteries and they might have had a dog. Maybe they even had a teacher with a big behind.  Hahahaha!

I hope if they like Sally Jo Survives Sixth Grade: A Journal, that they tell readers in grades 4-6 all about it.  And I hope they answer the journal question after every chapter and share what they wrote with the kids they know.

Whatever the grown-ups do, I hope they keep reading and writing about the changes we all go through in life. 

Sally Jo says hello!

Sally Jo says hello!

Hello everyone!  I am so glad to be able to meet you all and invite you to read my journal.  You will find out my life was like in the sixth grade–how my friend Eddo and I solved mysteries; how the new kid Melvin kept bugging me, how my mom and my teacher fell in love, and how all of us lost someone we loved. You will get to read the column Eddo and I wrote for our school newspaper and follow the recipe I gave you for growing something monstrous under your bed. Best of all, after every one of my journal entries, you will get to write your own answer to a question I ask you about your own life.  It’s best if you have a trusted grown up in your life answer the questions, too, and then share your answers with each other.  You will begin to see how we all had to survive the same things in the sixth grade.

Here’s the link for my journal: